My Adventures
By Lars Kristian Mikkelsen

My Adventures

It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. But a peek through the camera lens does more than often not tell the entire story. Photographer Lars Kristian Mikkelsen knows this all to well.

“My Adventures” is a book of photography presenting a unique insight both in front and behind the camera. There is always a story behind a picture, but the act of taking a picture can contain even more stories than the picture itself does. That is the reason that Lars Kristian Mikkelsen has created a book consisting of a synergy of pictures and words. His stories are told without compromise through the very best pictures and the most captivating words. The book takes us on a journey visiting everything from a haunted shooting lodge on Funen to the metro of mistrust in Paris and a reflective bombing in Kabul.

“My Adventures” is a perfect fit for a coffee table or your nightstand. On some nights you will gaze at the pictures, and on others you might be in the mood for a longer story. The book may be read cover to cover as a novel – or you might leaf through it like you would a collection of short stories.

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